Uzbekistan to sell agriculture and food products under UzAgro brand

Uzagro brend

Uzbekistan will sell fresh and processed agricultural products, as well as food industry under the brand UzAgro.
UzAgro will become a guarantor of high quality of products and services presented to partners in any place of the globe.

Tohirjon Jalilov, Chairman of the Board of Uzbekoziqovqatholding, said that promotion of the Uzbek products under a single brand, the company would get a high result in a short period of time.

He said that buyers in each country, when they see UzAgro brand, will understand that they are buying ecological clean high quality products. He said UzAgro will united exporters of fruits, vegetables and food products in Uzbekistan.

UzAgro will assist exporters in solving many problems, including planning of planting agriculture products, storage and transportation, he said. The company will also provide legal support, he added.

Development of the brand will also help to minimize some expanses, including logistics, servicing loans, etc.