Joint Stock Company “Uzagroexport” is a foreign trade company that specializes in export of fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products through direct export contracts with foreign partners, as well as commission contracts concluded with private and dekhkan farms, agricultural companies and processing enterprises. JSC “Uzagroexport” was founded by initiatives of President of Republic of Uzbekistan in April 2016 and company is under system of the holding company “Uzbekozikovkatholding”.          The main activities of JSC “Uzagroexport” are to increase the volume and variety, as well as the geography of export of fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products of Uzbekistan, that demanded and enough competitive in the international markets. The structure of “Uzagroeхport” includes trade and logistics centers, trade and procurement bases, refrigeration warehouses on harvesting, storing, calibrating and sorting of fresh products, trading houses and representative offices abroad, enterprises for the production of packing products for food, transportation and specialized logistics company, JSC “Republic center of national food products fair”, as well as the center of the quality management system and standardization the “Food laboratory”.